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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Amazon arrogance - they actually couldn't care less about customers

I’m delighted to report that Amazon have locked me out of my account. I used Amazon these past few years only when I’m in my summer house in the mountains – otherwise the combination of bookshops here in Bucharest and the internet Zlibrary more than satisfy my needs. Indeed I have an embarrassment of unread books – particularly virtual ones in pdf format (more than 500).

Amazon have recently started a security coding system which depends exclusively on smart phones – which I refuse to adopt. So I can no longer use my password to check in to my account. I tried this evening to alert them to this – but had first to go through a security check which I failed since I was unable to give them

-       my precise postal code; I gave them the correct address but one of numbers of the 6 digit postal code was wrong

-       3 titles of recent purchases (which were late last summer – which they could confirm - but I could remember only one title since I have looked at literally hundreds of books since then);

-       or the number of my current credit card (which is out of date and I have destroyed as the bank advised)   

They can assert they were just looking after my interests but to lock me out when 99% of the detail was correct is sheer stupidity. I was feeling guilty about continuing to use Amazon (even spasmodically) – they have done such huge damage to

-       the book trade

-       independent bookshops

-       national budgets

     pollution in the skies as they fly stuff we don't need so quickly

So I am relieved that they have been so stupid as to lock out someone who had been a good customer of theirs for more than 20 years – needing books which were simply not available in countries such as Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Romania.

The only drawback is that I will in future be unable to send books to my daughters…..

One final thought - as far as Amazon is concerned, I was an intruder trying to gain access to an account unlawfully. You would have thought that they would have subsequently sent me a warning note about this. The fact that they haven;t done so - 20 hours after the attempt - suggests to me that they have accepted that this was a genuine attempt by a customer but that they don't actually care.....

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