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Monday, August 3, 2015

New Blogs

Like most active bloggers, I have a section on the site which lists my “favourite links” – and, like most bloggers, I rarely update it or even reference them myself all that often.
And I find that my taste for blogs change – some soon pall for their rants; others (eg Craig Murray) begin to annoy for their predictable contrariness even although I will still access them.

A few of the good ones send me automatic updates – generally the collective sites such as Eurozine journal, RSA and the Real World Economist blogs; the great Scottish Review E-journal; and one single blogger How to Save the World.

Those I have discovered in the past year which deserve a special mention include –
Poemas del rio Wang - the most amazing site which tends to focus on memories of old central and east European lands; which runs some trips to them; but whose current series is on Iran
That’s How the Light Gets In – the imaginative site of a retired Liverpudlian Polytechnic lecturer with strong cultural tastes
Michael Roberts blog - an elegantly written Marxist economist blog
Econblog101- a blog about economic matters written by a German
Club Orlov – a very original “end-of-oil” blog by a writer who has written several fascinating books
Stumbling and Mumbling - a rather academic blog with, however, good hyperlinks 
Britain is no Country for Older Men – an informative (if rather sexist) blog which celebrates the life achievements of various unsung heroes
Paul Cairney; politics and public policy – one of the best academic blogs for me, written by a Scottish Professor who explains in clear language the approach to various aspects of public policy

And a recent one whose title Economy for the common good resonates with my own new website - Mapping the Common Ground - leading in turn to another new interesting site - Take Back the Economy which was discussing Paul Mason’s new book Postcapitalism – a Guide to the Future

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