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Monday, November 21, 2016

Sofia's Annual Wine Fair

My fourth annual Bulgarian wine fair this past weekend in Sofia and what a feast if not feat!!
More than 200 wines tasted by yours truly in 3 days. And a hugely popular event as you can see from the pics.
I'm not prepared these days to pay more than 5 euros for a very good Balkan wine and twelve wineries caught my palate for their "best value" wines. Plus half a dozen old favourites........I've selected them by Region...................

Danube Region
Bononia – this was the first year’s tasting for this new Vidin vineyard, Their Istar Sauvignon and Traminer were amongst the best – for 5 euros.
Gulbanis winery is actually nearer Veliko Tarnovo and offers several award-winning whites – particularly the Moscata Bianco 2015, Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay – all for 4 euros

Black Sea
BOY AR from Pomorie whose Dimyiat was only 3 euros.
Dives winery is also at Pomorie and had a Sauvignon as well as a Muscat and CS rose – all for 4 euros
This was also the price of the Miskets, Pinos Gris and Gruner Veltliners from Varna Winery
The Zelanos whites from its winery just outside Burgas were a bit pricier at 7 euros

Eastern Thrace
"Angel’s estate" wines offer a great SB and Chardonnay for 4 euros
Domain Marash is near Yambol and offered a lovely Muscat at just under 5 euros; and a tasty CS rose for 5 euros
villa Yambol had a great Muscat for only 3 euros; and a CS rose for only 2.5 euros!!

The Malkata Zvezda vineyard is in the Rhodopes near the Greek border and offered a Traminer; Chardonnay and Rose each for 5 euros.

Western Thrace
Karabunar operates near Plovdiv and, in what they called the Bulgarian Heritage Original Collection, offered a Misket; a Dimyat and Mavrud Rose – each for 5 euros….
Zagreus also has its vineyard near Plovdiv but offers organic wines at great prices – white Mavrud; rose Mavrud at 3.5 euros each ,

Struma Valley
Zlaten Rozhen has its vineyards at Melnik and its Sandanski Misket has become a favourite of mine (5 euros); at the fair I had my first taste of its Chardonnay and Viognier – also 5 euros

old favourites
Black Sea Gold – Pentagram, Ponti 3.5 euros
Ethno – 3 euros
St Ilia (Sliven) – 3.5 euros
Targovishte (centre) – 3.5 euros
Santa Maria (south-east) – 4/5 euros

Here's last year's notes by way of comparison......and 2013

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