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Monday, April 9, 2012

Cold Transylvanian idyll

I was premature in removing the snowbound Transylvanian valley from the blog masthead! I arrived a few hours ago in my mountain house for my first visit since mid-January to find the village wearing a newly-endowed cloak of light snow. Apparently, in my absence, the snow has been at least two metres and covered cars and some houses – but my roof and verandah have survived the pressure. Although there is still no running water….and the gas-stove hose seems to have given up the ghost. So the kitchen fire was duly kindled – and supplied the heat for everything.

And lots of books and paintings were duly transferred – with less difficulty now that the cowpath at the bottom of the garden has been upgraded to a track which can sustain the car. Not quite the dual carriageway I had feared in the autumn - although various assets such as the gate and a pile of construction material have been stripped without consultation by the municipality). And the lack of water may be due to the road construction!
Tomorrow the car has its bi-ennial technical test – which will hopefully allow me to make the last trip to Sofia (and its swimming and fitness facilities) in a few days before vacating the flat there at the end of the month. Sad to leave the aesthetic thrills I get there – but its good to be back in this country house with its views, library and music….

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