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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Romanian painters

On an artistic roll at the moment. Saturday popped into an exhibition at the small gallery at Military Circle and was very taken with the style of Adina Romanescu who can be seen here presenting some of her work. Good to see some younger artists still celebrating the human figure. Romanescu’s colours are also fascinating – ranging from bright pastels to subdues hues.
And Sunday saw the eventual visit to the beautiful Pallady Museum – which is actually a bit of a misnomer since only a few of his paintings and sketches are on show in this superb house, reckoned to be Bucharest’s oldest and which is located in one of the most run-down and (therefore) charming part of the city. It actually houses the collection of the original Armenian owners - Serafina and Gheorghe Raut – which is of charming small European paintings, furniture, ceramics, wall hangings. You can see a lot of Pallady’s paintings on the great website which seems to go by the formidable name - Mobile Cultural Objects Classified in the National Cultural Heritage. In between times, great art books picked up for a song have included British Art - a walk around the rusty pier by Julian Freeman (which looks at the different "ethnic" inputs to painting; The Impressionists' Handbook by Robert Katz which gives me for the first time a real historical insight into this genre; and Van Gogh's Imaginary Museum - using his diaries to illustrate the painters who influenced him.
Today we’re visiting the atelier of an old artist not far away - Vladimir Zamfirescu
During the internet search I came across a good-looking blog I’m more Romanian than You

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