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Sunday, March 14, 2010

back again

The last few months have been difficult - hope this is not an outbreak of the winter problems I epxerienced 3 year's running more than 20 years ago in Scotland! The last assignment seems to have been the catalyst - but return to the sun and snow of the Carpathian mountains is as healthy a recipe as one can find. I was miserable in Beijing (today - I see from the news - covered in a yellow sandstorm!) - and really don't have to be so at my age. I reckon I've earned enough - and it's about time I got myself sorted out - for starters finding a decent house in an interesting and sensible area. We've lived long enough in a tiny flat in central Bucharest. The 20 paintings on the wall rather overwhelm!
And by sensible I mean in a country whose language I speak; with some basic facilities; and close to the sea. France is the obvious country - although prices are now a bit ridiculous. Brittany and midi-Pyrenees are the most attractive - with their proximity to the sea. Bulgaria and Turkey also attract. I'm making arrangements to visit Brittany to check things out there - so the blog will be intermittent.
By the way, the painting is by Dobre Dobrev - another marvellous Bulgarian painter from the inter-war years.

Apart from sawing logs today, I took some time to review the blogs on both of my websites. Although the pictures and layout of this blog are inviting, the content of the old website was actually more interesting a year ago as I tracked the progress on the house between April and October. Those interested in life in the mountains should have a look.

Last week's find was the recipes of Nigel Slater - http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/series/nigelslaterrecipes

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  1. welcome back and we are hope to see you two soon :))