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Monday, June 9, 2014

A special salad

At last summer is here in the mountains – for the first time at the end of last week I was able to leave the back and front doors of the upper floor wide open to allow the air to flood the house; and to bathe on the outside terrace which so quickly becomes so hot - with the wooden timbers reflecting back…
Today was the first day I didn’t even need to put the small radiators on for even a few minutes to take the chill off at 06.00….
With all the recent dampness, the grass has been growing high and the sound of sharpening scythes will soon be added to those of the cicadas; the starlings/thrushes which are whirling around in interesting clouds at ground level; and the wooden clappers which precede the village church bells here…. I took my scythe down to old Viciu last week and he just laughed at me because more rain is expected and the cut grass would therefore not be able to dry properly for the cattle…..
I’m glad to contribute in my own small way to the renewal of the earth by the scything I commission at the back of our plot which extends up to the border; and also by allowing the neighbours to graze their cattle there when they want.

Have just finished preparing one of my glorious Balkan salads – based on a shopska but with some delicacies added. So here’s my special and unique salad -
To the radish, cucumber, red onion, spring garlic, tomatoes, olives, egg and lettuce I add a few sprinkles of apple/honey vinegar, pumpkin oil and a touch of lemon juice plus well-toasted bread whose crusts I have scraped with heads of garlic and finish it off with shredded village cheese (ideally from the goats on the ridge)! Balsamic vinegar is too strong!

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