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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm off to Sliven in a few minutes - visiting, Insallah, the Stara Zagora Art Gallery on the way - Mario Zhekov's hometown. Sliven was Dobre Dobrev's home - so hopefully the gallery there has paintings of his on display. And the area also boasts great white wine. A mixed pinot gris (Dionis) won a silver medal in Paris last year. The mayor was a famour footballer - but I notice he was removed from office a couple of years back!
So no real post today - just a great quote I found of Vaclav Havel about writing -
The beauty of language is that it can never capture precisely what it wants. Language is disconnected, hard, digital as it were, and for that reason, it can never completely capture something as connected as reality, experience, or our souls. This opens the door to the magnificent battle for self-expression that has accompanied man down through history. It is a battle without end, and thanks to it, everything that is human is continually being elucidated, each time somewhat differently. Moreover, it is in this battle that man in fact becomes himself. As an individual and as a species. He simply tries to capture the world and himself more and more exactly through words, images, or actions, and the more he succeeds, the more aware he is that he can never completely capture himself, nor any part of the world. But that drives him to keep trying, again and again, and thus he continues to define himself more and more exactly. It's a Sisyphean fate. But it can't be helped: man will carry the complete truth about himself to the grave.

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