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The Bucegi mountains - the range I see from the front balcony of my mountain house - are almost 120 kms from Bucharest and cannot normally be seen from the capital but some extraordinary weather conditions allowed this pic to be taken from the top of the Intercontinental Hotel in late Feb 2020

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

aesthetic pleasures

This blog is a celebration of good writing and living – and the town of Sofia (nestling in the Balkans) and the village of Sirnea (nestling in the Carpathians) take central place in that celebration. Each has its own incredible beauty – for the most part ignored and undervalued by those who live there but so much appreciated by nomads like me. In the last days of 2011, we had the pleasure of discovering yet more Old Masters’ paintings in The recently re-opened Bulgary gallery – associated with the Bulgary restaurant www.restaurant.bulgary.bg  - which has lovingly recreating the ambiance of old Bulgaria. Two of the paintings I had admired in the last Viktoria Gallery auction – Dmitrov Nikola’s 'River' (1955) and Olga Shishokova’s 'Coffee in Karlovo' (1940) were there (as well as most of the Trtitchovs) and were suitably negotiated into my collection.  The Shishkova heads todays’ post and Dmitrov’s below.   

Today’s wanderings unearthed a small, new gallery on Sulunska St with old masters such as Boris Mitov and Stanio Stomatev.

And also a glorious book celebrating, in poetic black and white pictures, the beauty which can be found adorning the older Sofia buildings – if only you look behind the peeling walls and high enough ! It’s called 'Sofia Enigma-Stigma' by Milchev and is available (in Bulgarian and English text) from http://www.enthusiast.bg/ for only 7 euros.

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