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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Royals and Brexit

Fascinating story early this morning about an imminent (and potentially constitution-shattering) intervention by the British Royals in Britain's current debate on whether to leave the European Union
Using outside experts who advised that the intervention would need to be presented by a figure with impeccable European credentials, a strong affinity with the continent and the character to speak out, the family has decided that the move should fronted by Prince Philip who has apparently "been hugely impressed by the way the EU stepped in, not just once but several times, to save Greece,” said one official with knowledge of events. “He admires what Tsipras and Varoufakis achieved – in fact he told friends he sees something of his younger self in the charismatic, motorbike-riding, eye-for-the-ladies Varoufakis. Mind you,” added the source, “he also thinks the Greeks would never have got into this mess if the colonels had still been in power.”,,,,,,,,
The leader of Vote Leave is Michael Gove – "that awful little leaker who put it about that the Queen wanted out. They can’t stand him. And as for Boris, the other main outer – he’s a cycling maniac from Islington. All he has done for the royal family is make it difficult to get around London in a decent-sized Daimler. And the third of the trio – Farage – what another awful little man".

Only when I reached the reference to the Greek colonels, did I realise that it is, today, the first of April!!!

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