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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

last day in redon area

Friday morning was waste of time – with 2 rural houses near Redon for which I still have a preference. But a revisit at midday to the St Nicolas du Redon house near the Canal which I had first seen 2 weeks earlier was useful. The house is fine (although the sitting room potentially claustrophobic) – but the new neighbours (in a large house) could be problematic and the type of traffic constantly passing the front door is nothing short of ridiculous. A phone call from Mark – who remarked that the Finistere area was full of Brits. Got me thinking.
Afternoon promised a La Garcilly house – but it was in fact 2 houses in a lovely bourg (Sixt sur Aff) but over my limit. The British couple in the first was sad – they had invested in a rather curious b and b ( 4 en suite rooms at level 3) and then he had had a heart attack and she an arthritic condition which prevented her carrying out the B and B. A tragic example of how hopes can be dashed – and the 4 en-suite rooms now diminished rather than increasing the sales value. It had a very impressive front – and huge garden at back. Next door was a smaller house – but overpriced at 154. The estate agent also a bit sniffy about the Finistere area – “deep countryside” he remarked and I had visions of the sort of life vividly described in Graham Robb’s book – where thick forests housed poverty-ridden peasants and a servant girl was described by visiting English historian Arthur Young at the end of the 18th century as a “walking dung-hill”!
On way back I had another look at the Malansac house – whose location and garden arrangements don’t compare with Plonevenez.

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