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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slovakia to Romania

Left Moymirovce just after 06.00 on Sunday and was soon coasting along what must be one of the most wonderful motorways in Europe. Made a mistake, however, in deciding to try the middle route East (not, that is, the one which goes via Poprad to the Tatras and not the one which skirts the border with Hungary) – since a car rally forced me into detour with an execrable mountain road. Dagmar had recommended the town her father had been a priest in – Betlar – since it boasts Slovakia’s best Kastiel. It is clearly very popular. From there, the best connection to Miskolc pointed me backwards. The pic is of Lupcianski Hrad (thanks to Miroslav Blaho)
At the border I had an argument about the vignette which is compulsory – and almost double the price of the Slovak one. In fact it is a real cheat since the road system had hardly changed in a deacde for the section I was travelling. Hungary was never my favourite country and I crawled through it as what seemed a snail’s pace - already missing the Slovak countryside and friendship.
I made my entry to Romania at my old crossing point of Satu Mare – and started to look for some accommodation. I thought Zalau (one of the ugliest towns) might offer something but none which offered the security for the car I needed with its contents on the back seat so visible – let alone the bike on top. At last, at 20.30, on the downward section of the steep hill which leads to Cluj-Napolca I found what I needed – although the accommodation was a bit communist (no hot water and a leaking shower system). I had missed Slovakia’s second match – played in the afternoon – which they lost 3-0 and watched on the floor another forgettable one on the tiny TV set.

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