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Monday, June 21, 2010

Last day in Mojmirovce

Saturday – the last swim, quieter pool but a gloomy cycle back. Then a surprise visit to my “old” friend Dagmar (my favourite family) who lives in neighbouring Radnacice. It was nice to be recognised and warmly welcomed by one of the sons (Janka) who lives in Bratislava (working for Dell) but who misses the village. Sadly Dagmar had lost her Lutheran father (a minister) just a couple of weeks earlier. The mother (Romanian) still elegant and positive – she wrote a book about their experience when he was in prison as a dissident. Sitting with her in the kitchen while she prepared a cabbage and tomato soup, I picked up a book about Gen Stefanik who was apparently part of the triumvirate which helped bring created Czechoslovakia into existence at Versailles. I knew the two others – Masyrk and Benes – but the Slovak (and Lutheran) Stefanik has been airbrushed out of Czech and Catholic Slovakian history!
At 12.00, Stefan picked me up and took me to his new house on the hills overlooking Nitra. A veritable cultural centre! For which, needless to say, he has plans for extensions! Typical that I did not have my camera with me to capture his amazing sculptures and artefacts. With his typical generosity he presented me not only with a box of 6 superb Mojmirovce wines – but with a couple of artefacts about Mojmirovce. I was glad at least that he treasured the 2 Uzbek terra cotta figures I had given him some years ago! I think a Bulgarian sculpture would be a useful addition to his collection – which must number 400 paintings and 1,000 artefacts.
He has also commissioned a lot of artistic work on the walls of the Kastiel - of which the picture is an excerpt of a very large wall mural about the history of he Kastiel.

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